Presence through Absence.’

Current Covid lockdown has presented an opportunity to examine how we experience presence through absence. This theme is the focus for work currently being prepared for exhibition. Cé is taking part with an ‘Open Studio’ during the Wyley Valley Art trail from May 1st to May 9th. Where this body of work will be exhibited.

  • Oil on Canvas. 85x120cm. ‘WFH’

Alongside painting Cé explains some of her other preoccupations;

“Some of my paintings never reach completion , I struggle to consider them failures , having worked on them for so long. And I have difficulty parting with them so I am currently experimenting with making Canvas sculptures. My “Canvas Babies” will become part of a planned exhibition under the heading of “Motherhood Broken”. Their creation is subject to their pliability and each one is individual. They become their own form, some resembling shells or stones. But definitely a kind of offspring !”