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WHY ? Not What! Isn’t ‘Why’ ? the most annoying question? You only have to ask any parent of a 4 year old. Yet, I have come to realise that it is so annoying because it is the most important question to ask. It should govern all we do, at all times. For me it […]

Art Trails

“Looking at art is not a comfort blanket. Even if the sensation of looking is pleasurable, satisfying, it should at least have that quality of not being fully available. One should be left with a lingering ache, like unrequited love.” Ian McKeever RA Taking part in a local (Open Studio) Art trail. The quote above […]

‘What inspires you’ ?

I have lived in several different Countries, and you take away more than memories. Inspiration comes from more than sight; it’s sounds, smells and touch too. The difficulty is filtering what and how you use these inputs. Often colours seen abroad, sit incongruously and uncomfortably on UK walls. Paintings using those levels of vibrancy can […]