Cé was born and educated in the Netherlands and moved to the UK in 1977 with her parents and siblings. She married in 1980 and has 3 adult children. She has lived in and travelled to many countries and has been a painter for the last 20 years. She became a British National in 1991 but considers herself a citizen of the World.

Following her BA in Fine Art , Cé graduated from Bath Spa University in 2010 with an MA in Fine Art (Painting) and now resides in the beautiful village of Sutton Veny Wiltshire, where she has her studio from which she works on commissions and prepares for exhibitions of her paintings, and hosts the occasional art class or private tuition.


“When I am asked that question about my work, I often think how best to answer;  without it turning long winded and complicated.  The truth about my current preoccupation with childhood activities is partly because Brexit made me feel more of a foreigner in a country I have lived in for over 42 years and partly because I started to revisit my childhood, to discover how different I really was.  Wading through photographs, written anecdotes and listening to other people recount their childhood memories, I came to realise we share far more than our mere suspicion of ‘other’, lead us to believe.

Children all over the world play, share fun, are communal and much less prejudiced than adults and it  became rapidly apparent that games were not all that different. Whether in China, Hungary, Holland or the UK.

My memories are of games played out often in groups, but sometimes endless home practice honing a skill in the garden to show off at school the next day.  Scuffing my new red shoes whilst learning to skip, whilst the big hair bow I sported, slowly slid down my hair.  The elastic in my white socks driving me to distraction, the rope often thumping heavy against my shins, and leaving large purple bruises.  Scabs on knees, floaty dresses, sandals and Sunday Best.  A bag of marbles with fabulous interior patterns, the lesson of winning, losing and wanting to do it all over again.  The friendships made and broken, the comradeship, the rivalry and the excitement of being ‘it’. We all share some of it! ”